We Don't Make Moves; We Make History

Sistah Solo
Being Brothas


The sistahs are in the house, the Brothas are in the building...

Being Brothas
Bold.  Brilliant.  Breathtaking.

Sistah Solo
Strong.  Sophisticated.  Spiritual. 

Sistah Solo|Being Brothas is unlike other performances as its intimate focus on the solo work of people of color while simultaneously bringing together different genres and styles in the performing arts makes it one of a kind.  

this dynamic engagement is the brainchild of Maia Maiden, whose vision and energy have made it a watched-for, sold-out event since its inception.

The unique voices of women and men of color are uplifted and celebrated!  These multilayered dynamics of individual and collective experiences unfold to create a powerful bond and promote a connection of understanding between artists and audience members lasting beyond the evening’s conclusion. 






Video credit: Corina Seuasoukseng

past performances


Sistah Solo | Being Brothas 2019

Sistah Solo | Being Brothas 2017
Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis MN
April 21-22

Photo Credit: Corina Seuasoukseng


Video credit: Corina Seuasoukseng




Sistah Solo | Being Brothas 2015
Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis MN
May 14-16



Brandon Steele

Chadwick “Niles” Phillips

Chini Perez


Herb Johnson

Julian Hines

 Nate Kay

Up Rock

With Special Guest: DJ Verb X

Al Taw’am

Ashley Akpaka

Ashley Selmer

Averie Mitchell Brown

Chantel SinGs


PaviElle French

Siddeeqah Shabazz

Tamiko French

Tish Jones


Sistah Solo | Being Brothas 2013
Patrick's Caberet, Minneapolis MN
April 5-6


Ellena Schoop

FreE (Veronica DuBose)

Julie Warder

Kenna-Camara Cottman

Maia Maiden

Moot Naitan

Poet Karma


Amara Barner

Andrea Jenkins

Ashley DuBose

Brenda Bell Brown

Chantel SinGs


Tish Jones


Sistah Solo | Being Brothas 2011
Patrick's Caberet, Minneapolis MN
April 1-2


Gabrielle Samone

Giselle Mejia

Lindsey Hunter

Melanie Holst Collins

Pramila Vasudevan


Sherine Crooms

Alissa Paris

Aneka Starlashay

Angel Adams

Alicia Steele

Brandi Phillips

Deja Stowers


Tish Jones



Maia A. Maiden
Curator & Director