Our Mission is To provide an equitable and engaging platform for Hip Hop, people of color, women, and youth through performing arts.

Our audiences include people from all different cultural, racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds regardless off age, gender, and sex. 

Julian Jahneral Hines describes the impact Maia Maiden is making in the arts community.


Maia Maiden, Curator & Director

Maia Maiden, Curator & Director

Scientist by day, dancer by night, Maia Maiden has been a pillar in the dance community for over 20 years. Born and raised in South Minneapolis, she has studied all genres of dance primarily focusing on West African, Hip Hop, and Step. Her work has been featured in Momentum: New Dance Works 2008, the Hip Hop Theater Festival 2008 and Fringe Festival 2008 in Washington D.C., Snapshots: Reflections of Women 2010 and the Catalyst Series 2012. In 2015, she was featured in the CHANGEMAKERS Profile Series presented by Intermedia Arts. 

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Ashuna Moore, Marketing & Public Relations coordinator

Ashuna Moore, Marketing & Public Relations coordinator

Ashuna laid foundation and brought Step to new levels as the co-captain of Eastview Step Team (EVST). Her performance in ROOTED: Hip Hop Choreographers’ Evening 2014 received a Sage Award nomination for Best Ensemble (Nostalgia). In 2015, she lead EVST to a Midwest Step Champion Title.  With an eye for fashion and keen business sense, she is currently a student at Kent State University, studying at The Fashion School as a Fashion Merchandising major with a Fashion Media minor.

Julian Hines, Production Manager

Julian Hines, Production Manager

Interdisciplinary artist Julian Hines a.k.a. the JAHNERAL has created a kaleidoscope path in his artistry for over 10 years in the Twin Cities and abroad. He has studied various genres of dance primarily focused on West African, Hip Hop and Step. As a member of Voice of Culture Drum + Dance, he trained and honed his craft in West African Dance. Abroad, Julian has taught, danced and held position as the choreography director for JAPAN ONE LOVE TOUR 日本, a concert tour to benefit Japan's Tsunami relief foundation. His own work has been featured in ROOTED: Hip Hop Choreographers’ Evening 2014, which soon followed a Sage Award nomination for Best Ensemble (Nostalgia)

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Corina Seuasoukseng, Media Producer

Corina Seuasoukseng, Media Producer

Corina is an emerging Lao-American multidisciplinary artist in the mediums of dance, choreography, visual art and digital multimedia. Her work and performance have been featured in productions such as award-winning ROOTED: Hip Hop Choreographers’ Evening and the highly-anticipated Midwest K-Pop Festival. Alongside her performances and choreography she is a Sage Award Nominee for Best Ensemble (EVST, Nostalgia) 2014. Corina has even led her high school Step Team (EVST) as co-captain to a Midwest Step Champion Title in 2015. The visual artistry is taking shape while working in the videography field. In her growing portfolio you’ll find productions worked such as Sistah Solo | Being Brothas, ROOTED: Hip Hop Choreographers’ Evening and coming soon, documentary Cypher Ten Thousand.


Advisory Board

Jake Riley

Studio Owner and Class Director, House of Dance
Role: Community Liaison, Workshop Planning

Cheles Rhynes

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Mason Rhynes Productions Inc.
Role: Technical and Light Design Advisor

Theresa Sweetland

Executive Director, Forecast Public Art
Role: Creative Placemaking, Professional Development

Mary Ellen Childs

Program Director, McKnight Fellowships, Cowles Center
Role: Project Planning and Development

Dana Kassel

Dance MN Steering Committee
Role: Community Liaison, Event Planning

Julie Bates MacGillis 

Director, Julie Bates MacGillis Consulting 
Role: Community Outreach, Equity & Inclusion 

Gesel Mason

Artistic Director, Gesel Mason Performance Projects
Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Boulder
Role: Production and Artistic Advisor 




Maia A. Maiden
Curator & Director

Julian Hines
Production manager